Vera Specialist Centre – Help for victims of human trafficking, forced prostitution, forced marriage and honour-based violence

Girls* and women* affected by human trafficking and forced marriage are counselled, accompanied and supported by our staff at the Vera Specialist Centre. The specialist centre serves the entire region of Saxony-Anhalt and offers mobile, anonymous, free and confidential counselling. Our counselling sessions are conducted in the client’s native language, if necessary with the help of interpreters. We provide advice, guidance and support to staff of counselling centres and other institutions in cases of human trafficking and forced marriage.

Für ganz Sachsen-Anhalt

Vera – Fachstelle gegen Frauenhandel und Zwangsverheiratung der AWO

Landesverband Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

Postanschrift: Seepark 7, 39116 Magdeburg

Telefon: 0391 999 77 850


Our counselling services include:

  • psychosocial advice, support and crisis intervention
  • help with clarifying residence and social rights issues
  • organising safe and anonymous accommodation
  • advice and support in the process of anonymisation
  • accompaniment during investigation and legal proceedings and in court
  • referral to and support in accessing specialised services 
  • support in developing new life prospects
  • organising and providing support for departure and referral to assistance services in countries of origin

We offer anonymous safe houses for highly vulnerable women* and couples with children affected by forced marriage and honour-based violence. Ensuring safety and protection is our first priority. This is why the safe houses have strict security arrangements and mandatory measures to maintain anonymity for women staying there. Our safe house staff provide counselling, guidance and support in areas such as psychological stabilisation, anonymity and the development of future prospects. 

Our Prevention and Education Department offers training for professionals and interested parties as well as Project Days for young people. The current focus of the Project Days is on raising awareness and protecting against the “Loverboy” method. The prevention and education services can be requested directly from our prevention and education specialists at the centre via .  

Vera – Fachstelle gegen Frauenhandel und Zwangsverheiratung der AWO Landesverband Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

Seepark 7
39116 Magdeburg

Beratung und Begleitung
Telefon: 0391 999 77 850